Cancelled my pre-order

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MangorushXIII posted...
I also cancel my pre-order for Xbox One, I've decide PS4 is the better system and it has better games.

Yet you are here instead of playing on the console that is already out. You can't convince us its a better console if you can't even find anything to play on it. You are too busy playing the guy trolling the Xbox One boards. Sweet game, bro.
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*grabs TC's pre-order*
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Cancelled mine as well but the reason was i didnt think my bestbuy card didnt have enough funds with the ps4 and games,but i did now i have to wait until they restock.
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TC i am not your friend so therefore i do not care.
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GeminiX7 posted...
Exodus_Prime posted...
GeminiX7 posted...
I baked some ciabatta bread last night and I think I'm going to make a sandwich with it later. I'm thinking of chopping up some rotisserie chicken, tossing it with some BBQ sauce, topping it with provolone (asiago?) cheese, and then putting it in the toasted(oven warmed?) bread.

I thought you should know.

Damn, that sounds pretty good.

I know, right? My other idea is to take some old steak, fry it up with some onions and peppers, then top that with provolone cheese and maybe a little marinara and put that on the bun.

Take that steak, those onions and peppers, but sub in some sharp cheddar and some of this delicious stuff:

That mayo is probably the best Kickstarter I ever got involved in... hot enough to feel a nice burn, but not to the extent of tasting of nothing but fire and pain.
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ArtisticChic posted...
Did I open Facebook again?

Yeah, but you forgot to check in to let everyone know you are at the gym.
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Dear diary,

Today I made up a story and posted it on gfaqs. Nobody seemed to care.

Also, I saw mommy and uncle Steve hugging again last night. Not sure where their clothes were. I'm going to ask dad about it.

I like the sky.

Talk to you tomorrow diary.

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SpiritSephiroth posted...
I cancelled the pre-order of the games too.

Hey Seph,

Thanks for the info and I'll be updating the spreadsheet soon. However, I need to know what games you had pre-ordered and then cancelled. Also what would help as well is where you pre-ordered the games from. All of this this information is crucial to the board, so we can have the most precise numbers and totals.

Please post here or PM me asap, or whenever you get a chance.

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Jiggy101011 posted...
TBONE_OG posted...
Thank God you told us. I'm keeping track of pre-orders/cancellations on this site, and I'll be updating the spreadsheet.

Thanks again!

I laughed out loud on this and now my coworkers are looking at me funny. Whoops! Back to work.

Great success!
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TRC-G00SE posted...
ArtisticChic posted...
Did I open Facebook again?

Yeah, but you forgot to check in to let everyone know you are at the gym.

Oh right!

ArtisticChic -- >:( Is feeling exhausted

Putting up with these Ponies sure is hard work :/ Welp off to the gym to go lift with my bros.

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