When will we see our first next gen gaming " celebrity " urg

#1chickabumpbumpPosted 11/18/2013 11:19:28 AM
With the xbox one having a followers system like twitter and both consoles allowing live videos, recording, people making their own achievement/trophy gameplay guides with the various apps snap apps and programmes and us generally now being given more sharing and media options
( which I totally understand and since its 2013 think its a good idea )

When we will see our first "celebrity" user and in what form.

Guides to achievement/trophies are big on youtube especially thanks to Roosterteeth who really did it first and people love watching lets plays. Will it take off in a massive way on both consoles and will we see some extraordinary and genuinely funny or helpful users or will it simply be a giant mess of bad videos and people screaming look at me
#2khardboredPosted 11/18/2013 11:21:48 AM
Initially it is going to be a mess with everyone uploading whatever they think is cool. But after a few months we will see some really awesome people popping up with stuff we probably haven't even thought of yet.

My wife and I already have plans to do some pretty neat videos for the machinma app too.
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or not.
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