Game Orders From Amazon Delayed?

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User Info: Darkness3389

3 years ago#1
I had pre-order BF4 and NBA 2K14 from Amazon and it is supposed to get delivered today, but I was told buy customer service that it might have been delayed. Is anyone else game order stuck on Shipping Now and hasn't been shipped yet? I checked my status and it was stuck on Shipping Now so I contacted customer service and they told me that the two games haven't even left the fulfillment facility yet.

P.S. I know the games are also released in stores, but I had a ton of Gift Card Credits and Promo Credits. I used them to get BF4 for free and also used the credit to pay off half of 2K14.
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User Info: Vamar

3 years ago#2
My copy of BF4 was shipped and its current status is out for delivery.
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