Xbox One Counters Twitch with Skydrive Cloud Sharing

#1HUIPosted 11/19/2013 12:18:18 PM
"This morning, the news broke that instant streaming through Twitch would not be available at launch on the Xbox One. The announcement came as a surprise, especially considering the Playstation 4's close integration with the streaming service.

Seemingly in response, Microsoft has now announced that Skydrive will be running on the Xbox One at launch and will allow players to save their game videos straight to the cloud. The popular cloud sharing service is already used across all major Windows platforms and would allow players to easily access their content from any of their Windows devices."

I work on OS X, and also have Skydrive so this isn't Windows-only. So, you can just send your video to your Skydrive and then upload wherever you want:
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can you upload video files to twitch, like youtube?