Last chance Amazon Launch Edition.

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3 years ago#1
Amazon is opening a few up for preorder in a minute, with guaranteed delivery Friday.
3 years ago#2
Just got mine ordered! Now I don't have to make my parents stand in line lol!
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3 years ago#3
did it sell out already? huh
3 years ago#4
That went quick. I kept refreshing, at 8 clicked 'pre-order', clicked 'no thanks' for the XBL subscription. Seemed good as it took me to my shopping cart...which was empty. Tried again, same deal. By the third time the page was showing none in stock.
Gamertag- MidgetRifleman
3 years ago#5
Can't friggin checkout -_- Gamertag: aGeorgeDivided
3 years ago#6
You can add to cart now. I don't know about going further, though.
3 years ago#7
just ordered,awesome
3 years ago#8
Got it. Wooooo
3 years ago#9
wont let me acting stupid
3 years ago#10
Seems check out is just overloaded is all.
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