Why is it called the XBOX ONE?

#1SolnotPosted 11/20/2013 7:34:38 AM
Why did Father Microsoft decide to name it that way, you guys?
#2SunDevil77Posted 11/20/2013 7:35:18 AM
Because they wanted to confuse Solnot
Hell, it's about time.
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#3dnmtPosted 11/20/2013 7:35:54 AM
Because it's the third Xbox, it only makes perfect sense.
#4GGscrubPosted 11/20/2013 7:37:20 AM
They wanted people to call it "the one" but it backfired horribly lol
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#5Exodus_PrimePosted 11/20/2013 7:38:15 AM
SunDevil77 posted...
Because they wanted to confuse Solnot

Xbox One and PlayStation 4
Because I can buy both.
#6chuckboston2k3Posted 11/20/2013 7:38:15 AM
If you cannot figure this out on your own, you don't deserve to share the air I breathe.
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