PSA: Offline Update for instructions for Xbox One available

#11TheM00dPosted 11/20/2013 9:10:30 PM
Sticky requested
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#12zmousePosted 11/20/2013 9:14:21 PM
The d/l links won't work for me, are they holding back or do I need IE?
#13Combo626Posted 11/20/2013 9:17:47 PM
Jordanman posted...
What do you do if you have a mac? i tried. Would not download.

Downloaded for me and I'm using Safari
#14scarygrinPosted 11/20/2013 9:20:56 PM
I dl'ed earlier as well.
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I signed in for the first time since I was like 14 (lol at that username) just to post this

the article is updated, MS said it is not a replacement for the day one update and you're all having problems downloading them because they took the links down for now to avoid confusion