Suppose X1 starts to lag way behind PS4 in sales, what should Microsoft do?

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The people on gamefaqs are gamers, our view of the issue is skewed. Look at how many Wiis sold to nongamers. The One will do just as well as the PS4.

except non gamers arent going to spend $500 to watch tv on their tv.

Actually, the TV capabilities only work with some cable boxes and in some areas within the programming grid, other words a few areas in the US are in the black on that grid. Not to mention, the non gamers have to pay $60 additional bucks a year to even watch TV on their TV with an Xbox One.

Who the f*** is going to do that?

"Hey guys, check out this new device I got. I paid $500 plus an extra $60 just so I can control the TV with my voice"

"Bro, my TV already does that"
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Drop price to $299.

Make Banjo Threeie.

Port Banjo 1&2 HD to Wii U (and again to Xbone) for fun and profit.

Revel in the Banjo Xbone revival.

(Oh, and fund full Shenmue HD trilogy)
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When they start selling XBOX Ones with cable subscriptions like phones with phone companies, they'll see an increase of sales.
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They'll do a $50 price drop or include 2 games before they'll release one without Kinect.
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I say, drop price to $300 without Kinect, or $400 with the Kinect and remove a lot of the Xbox Live paywall features. That is a huge turnoff to people, buying a product to realize you can't even use most of the features without paying more money on a yearly basis.

Far as a game system goes, it needs to be less than the PS4 because it's a weaker system, the multiplat games are showing that already and not many are going to spend $500 just to play what little exclusives MS does have.
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They are probably just going to quit or do something drastic, Microsoft panicked when the Xbox wasent getting sales and they abandoned it and made the X360.

When the PS3 started to come on strong like a freight train, Microsoft pretty much gave up on the X360 and started to work on the XB1.

If the XB1 isint a big a success, they probably will abandon the XB1 and come up with a new console.

I dont see them stripping the XB1 to try to regain sales, so if the new console doesent work, probably will be forced to get out of the console business. In the last 3 gens, Microsoft has been easy to break once things start not going their way. Sony and Nintendo have been more resilient to adversity.
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Release the Xbox 720, basically an Xbox One without the Kinect, DRM, and corporate cash cow dreams-- it will cost 299$ and your 360 disks will work as well. That is what it will take to get me to buy another MS console. The backwards compatibility symbolizes an apology and a desire to go back to days when gamers did not have to re-buy what they already own. It would work, maybe even make them win this gen, but at the expense of going against their corporate mandate!
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Take out the Kinect, give away free stuff. Throw money at exclusive things.
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kill themselves