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Just got an Xbox One. I dont understand Titanfall...
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pellequin2212/27 10:53AM
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Sky news interview one of the Xmas day xbox/ps4 hackersbabytigger24212/27 10:51AM
Destiny is pretty fun
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Trading in my PS4 for an Xbox One
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Anonymous hacked Microsoft and Sony too! Data and credit card infos stolen!!!UltraPlanet1012/27 10:36AM
What else are you hoping to see in the sale?
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When you buy a season pass do you have to reinstall the file if uninstalled?JKSonic212/27 10:28AM
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Possible stolen info after "hack"?
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jon davis1912/27 10:15AM
achievement problem.Game_Fan09712/27 10:10AM
DDOS LizardSquad attack was just a distraction by hacker group Anonymous!ssjgohhku112/27 10:04AM
Lets be honest: Xbox one is the worst generation of consoles since before NES.
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superh6012/27 9:57AM
What's the point of the ESRB if no one is following it. (Closed)
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PS4 gamer here
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Did you buy or rent The Interview from Xbox Video or other digital service? (Poll)
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