EVERYONE: Is your disc drive working?

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User Info: khardbored

3 years ago#31
This post is rather pointless. There is absolutely no way to tell who is telling the truth vs lying.

I am not sure what you hoped to accomplish by this either.
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User Info: Syi_2010

3 years ago#32
Gamer tags/ psn don't lie. I do see a lot of. Its broke with no ids
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User Info: pistolpete12

3 years ago#33
lol some of these people are known ps4 fanboys.

User Info: DillMan926

3 years ago#34
I am going all digital this gen, so I haven't had to use it. I planned to watch Blu Rays with it though, so hopefully it works.
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User Info: capnhowdy18

3 years ago#35
There were 5 of us who got systems together all of ours are working fine. This is unlike last gen where were 3 of us got Xbox 360's together an only 1 worked.

User Info: DamnEvilDog

3 years ago#36
Been playing the hell out of my console and works perfect, damn thing is so quiet too.

User Info: HUI

3 years ago#37
All good, here. I've only used it for watching movies, but a disc is a disc.

User Info: 2ndAtomisk

3 years ago#38
Working fine.
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