New version of Xbone announced for early 2014

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PsychoDrama1 posted...
If this is true, I would feel like an idiot for buying on launch.

An all digital future is readily available for PS4. If you wish to download your entire library digitally, you can and its without the anti-consumer bullcrap.
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Xeeh_Bitz posted...
Kinectless version

People demanded, MS made it.

Which means, people who purchased now going to be stuck with a kinect that receives no more support

Won't happen. The UI is horrendous without kinect voice commands. Everything is buried in menus, have to click through multiple windows just to get to what you want. Kinect is to ingrained into the Xbone. Perhaps when the inevitable dashboard revamp/update comes.

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ScaryLlama posted...
Microsoft: We understand you just bought our brand new console, but it'd be great if you could just sell off your soon-to-be-outdated version and re-buy the same system.

This. Its disgusting.

Unless of course if the new Xbone is just cosmetic.
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This is why you don't run out and buy a console on release. Day One edition and PS4 are beta machines.
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$400 box would be nice, but nope MS so full of themselves to remove kinect. It's the future!
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swatkiller546 posted...
well once i receive my xbone tomorrow and if it has problems i'm getting a refund and wait for the new version.

Unless they actually fix your console and not replace'd be SOL because of non matching serial numbers. Hopefully they fix it just for the sake of it but due to time constraints I can see them swapping them out.
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"Shipments of Xbox One from the manufacturing side began at one million units a month in the third quarter and monthly shipments have been increasing in the fourth quarter, the sources indicated."

So 5-8 million units this year. Oh mamma.
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The next version will have another 5% increase in power so Battlefield and Cod can be played in 1080p native mode along with other tittles
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