Yes... my disc drive will not read discs, makes crunching sound.

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Sounds dumb, but have you tried to play again recently? Mine seems to work for a while then quit for a few hours.
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TBONE_OG posted...
Update: I got through finally on the Xbox support website, and was able to put in for an advanced replacement console. I did also wait on the phone for 5 hours while I played KI and piddled around. MS/Xbox customer service is getting hit hard.

Hopefully it's here within 2 business days. Should see it by Wednesday at the latest if they ship Monday.

That's great, bro! Good to a fella like you in good spirits during rough times.
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drumdaily posted...
Sounds dumb, but have you tried to play again recently? Mine seems to work for a while then quit for a few hours.

I've been putting discs in here and there. Still won't recognize. The main thing that you know is all so wrong is the crunching sound. If it stopped making that sound, I'd feel like I made progress.
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url54mvp posted...
I do have one question about this. Is all save data put in the cloud now? Meaning, if you do need to get a replacement console do you simply swap consoles and still retain your previous game data through your Live profile or whatever? I know when I was going through 360's like paper plates back in the day I would always swap out my existing hard drive for the one in the replacement unit.

Apparently, everything is on the cloud. So saves should be there. It's kind of what they advertised "all your games/saves go with you", right

I'll double check and report back once I get the new system.
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I was able to get a new console from Amazon before Xbox support could send me a new one. They send me a Standard but let me keep everything that is Day One Edition related (Box, papers, controller, etc). So I'll be sending my defective unit back in that box.

The disc drive on my new X1 works great, currently installing DR3. All saves, and such are on the cloud, didn't have to move anything over. On my old X1, I did remove my gamertag, and then made my new X1 my Home console.

So in all, I'm set. Amazon took care of me (and then some!), and Xbox support is still sending out their console which I couldn't cancel, and I'll be shipping right back to them. Maybe I'll still get my free game out of it.

Good luck to anyone who's still hurting with a defective X1, and let me know if you have any questions.
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