Xbox One owners, drop your gamertag here!

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User Info: JonnyBigBoss

3 years ago#51

I'm new to Xbox and could use friends. Please be mature, though.
Xbox Live: MrJonnyBigBoss
Steam, PSN, & Nintendo ID: JonnyBigBoss

User Info: blackout78

3 years ago#52

NBA 2K14
Battlefield 4
COD: Ghosts
Killer Instinct
XBL: BmoreBorn410 PSN: xblackout78x Steam: BmoreBorn
Intel Core i7-3770K | 16GB Crucial DDR3-1600 | Gigabyte Radeon HD 7870 OC GHz Edition

User Info: Tigerkumaru

3 years ago#53
I have bf4 nba2k cod sig at the bottom I'm always on after 11pm
GT: JJ Tha Legend

User Info: Hypnotizer

3 years ago#54
Gamertag: hipnotizer currently playing forza, dr3, ryse , crimson dragon
PSN ID: hypnotizer1977
Xbox Live: hipnotizer

User Info: squirrelmaster1

3 years ago#55
I have BF4, COD:Ghosts, DR3, KI and Ryse

gamertag in sig
Xbox Live GT: The Epple

User Info: Chanfan02

3 years ago#56
Chanfan02. I have Ryse, Dead Rising 3, AC4,and 2K14.
Gamertag: Chanfan02
PSN: JChanfan

User Info: Megavader

3 years ago#57
Look in sig.
Xbox live; Shin Ken O
PSN; BigRaoh Wii; uhh dont know.....

User Info: Unnecessary_Sur

3 years ago#58
Gamertag: Anaxamander

Everyone feel free to add me. I need some buddies for Ryse and Dead Rising 3.
XBL/PSN: Anaxamander
Playing: Dead Rising 3 (Xbox One), Killzone: Shadow Fall (PS4), Total War: Rome II (PC)

User Info: Sup3r8

3 years ago#59

User Info: kidwgm

3 years ago#60
GT is kid whimsical I have ghosts, Ryse and DR3.
Currently Playing: Tales of Xillia and Animal Crossing New Leaf FC: 4811-7436-8881
(Owner: gaming PC, 360, PS3, 3DS, Wii and Wii U.) *Coming Soon: Xbox One
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