Does Kinect have to be hooked up, or can you leave it in the box?

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wow. people are acknowledging that the nsa is spying on them but think its funny and ok.
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The novelty of playing the games wears off quickly enough, but the voice commands are always a great feature. I'm speaking from experience with the original kinect though.
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the connect works so well its stupid to buy this console and not use it. but anyway i have some tin foil in the kitchen if you need it.
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Bloodsack posted...
Kinect isn't that great tbh. I just tried mine for a hour and could never get it to work right. I put it back in box where it will stay. Never wanted it any ways.

Only after Xbox games that use controller.

if you couldn't get it to work right then I have one question for you.

What where you doing wrong?

It is seamless I can jump around with my voice way faster then navigating with the controller, had a couple hiccups but that was my fault not the kinect and you don't even need to shout
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Leave it in the trash.
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FinzFan4life posted...
krucifixhorror posted...
wow. people are acknowledging that the nsa is spying on them but think its funny and ok.

cause they are acknowledging as a joke not being serious cause they are not watching, I am going to assume you where/are one of three things.

1) Are a result of a failed abortion
2)Was drowned as a child by your mother and last second changed her mind.
3)Was dropped on your head many times as a baby.

Its funny as long as you are not the victim. Right. I gotcha.