Wait, or pay $600 for it.

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3 years ago#11
Dude with tax it's $540 in my state. An extra $60 isnt much of a premium to pay.
3 years ago#12
Meh I'm just going to wait.
3 years ago#13
Btw so far i think its awesome and having a great time with DR3 that i haven't even tried some of the other games i bought. However i am sure that stores will get more shipments so save your money and buy some games.

I just saw them bringing out several ps4s yesterday at toys r us so i wouldnt be surprised if MS resupplies the xbox too.
3 years ago#14
In my mind, it's not worth buying at $500 right now, let alone $600. Aside from Killer Instinct and Crimson Dragon, I don't want the system. I also have a feeling Microsoft will eventually release a cheaper, smaller version of the console without the HDMI passthrough capabilities (maybe even without the Kinect 2.0) in the near-future (I'm honestly thinking May).

Regardless of when the inevitable redesign will come, by that time there should be many more games that will interest me, at least.

Personally I am tired of all the gritty and super violent games.
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3 years ago#15
Don't listen to MantisPowah. He's been trolling all day. The bridge he lives under didn't even get a shipment of Xb1's.

$600 is not bad....If it at least comes with 1 game or an extra controller. Think about it. Retail is $540 here in CA.

Hell i would have paid an extra $60 for someone to stand in line for me during the midnight launch.

BTW is it a day one edition? If it is, i'd say its a steal considering the day 1 achievements are selling for $50 alone.

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3 years ago#16
It's just a standard.
3 years ago#17
If it had a game I would have already done it.
3 years ago#18
Where all of these hidden walmarts that apparently have them in stock -_-
3 years ago#19
Honestly TC, if I had the money to do so I would. If there's a way to check and see if the unit works properly first that is. If it's something you can absolutely wait for though, well then there's that too.
The struggle is real.
3 years ago#20
My ex just said she was going to Black Friday in Walmart so I'll just let her go through that pain and get it for me.
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