It's the little things that make me appreciate my Xbox One.

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Ok, ok guys. The sheer nature of "liking" something throws it deep into the realm of the subjective.

My brother despises the Xbox One layout and only cares a little for the PS4s.
Just opinions, no need to get ruffled. :P

I feel like both systems brought "Next Gen" their own way. While my whole family loves what the XBO and PS4 can do in the family room I look forward to what the coming years will be like with what the Devs are planning. Both my boys enjoy the PS Playroom while my wife and I like the XBO Kinect features.

And this, ladies and gentlemen, is what it is all about.
Not Kinect.
Not price points.
Not GPU vs GPU
Not aesthetics
Not controllers
Not games
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Some people like voice commands and some absolutely abhor them. I am the latter.
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Some people like voice commands and some absolutely abhor them. I am the latter.

This too. Perfectly valid reason not to purchase it.
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Yes, but do you +$100 love it?

Every time I hear this I think every PS4 buyers lives with their parents and do not work for his/her own things. Jeez, it's only 100 bucks.

But it's a $100 less for the more powerful console that actually focuses on things that the hardcore gamers want like games rather then putting games on the back burner. I have both consoles and don't get me wrong I love both but the ps4 does just about everything the one does and it does it better. The only thing it doesn't do is kinect (which who cares mine is still wrapped up in the box) and tv which is also fine because my tv can do that.

Your a known troll quit fronting

How am I a troll? because a tell it like it is look up my gamertag I have been playing dead rising 3 its Homie 202

I'm not gonna waste my time looking them up but you've made several posts that imply you are
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Ok so because I am picking which console I prefer and it's not the one you think is the better of the 2 you are going to make baseless claims telling me I am a troll before even looking to see if I own the console or not. That seems logical. I could see if I didn't provide proof but I clearly did all u have to do Is look up my tag. Sounds more to me like you are an upset fanboy because Microsoft made the inferior console.
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I agree TC. It sounds so minor when you say it but it's so darn convenient. My phone rang, my remote was on the other side of the room, but a simple "xbox mute" and I was ready to take the call. I remember how convenient it was when I got my first universal remote and the voice functionality feels like just as significant a leap forward.
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To be honest who cares about which is better, as long as he is happy and as he describes his family is happy with the xbox one then that is all that matters.

^ So much this.

Glad you're enjoying the next gen, TC :)