Just reconnected my wireless and now my games install faster

#1icewolf74Posted 11/23/2013 5:31:44 PM
Weird! I tried seeing if I could install my games faster if I disconnected my wireless, like everyone was saying to do, from inside the network settings menu. However, instead my Xbox One kind of freaked out on me after disconnecting. So after rebooting my console, I went ahead and reconnected my wireless connection and now the game I was installing is going much, much faster prior to disconnecting my wireless connection. Could this be a fix for those who are having slow installation issues?

Prior to reconnecting just now, my percentage would go up by 1% every 20 minutes. Now it is going up by 1% every 2-3 minutes. o_O Anyways, worth a try if your games are installing really slow, try reconnecting your wireless connection from inside the Home Xbox One settings. Just a suggestion. I am just happy I might be able to Call of Duty: Ghosts by tonight instead of tomorrow. :)