Would it be fair to say that the XBOX 1 problems is equal to the PS4 problems?

#1Full ThrottlePosted 11/23/2013 10:32:55 PM
Are the hardware problems of the XBOX 1 just as equal as the PS4's? - Results (51 votes)
Yes. It's new hardware and with millions out there, there's bound to be issues with the small amount of each
45.1% (23 votes)
No for PS4, the XBOX 1 is just badly designed with bad parts again
43.14% (22 votes)
No for the XBOX 1, the PS4 is just badly designed with bad parts used
11.76% (6 votes)
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let's see what people think
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#2BeardedXBatmanPosted 11/23/2013 10:48:04 PM
By the numbers, there are more damaged xbones than ps4. It's 1/400 ps4s are bricked and 1/45 xbones are bricked. But hey, I got both and they both work perfectly so what do I care? LoL
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