XBOX ONE achievements wont unlock unless connected to internet.

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Diet coke of DRM?
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We have a system for people like you, it's called the 360.
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*sigh* this is just another stupid thing that will deter me from buying the system down the road. I had my 360 hooked up to the internet when I wanted it to be but the rest of the time I'd play offline since I rarely play online multiplayer and whenever I do get online I just get people on my friends list to invite me to play whatever they are playing and its just a hassle to tell them every time, nah man I'm playing Skyrim or Tales of Vesperia right now so I don't want to play Halo or Gears all of the time. It was just easier to play offline.

I know this is small and most people won't care but at this point Microsoft needs a damn good reason for me to even think about dropping any money on this system... a real Banjo game could sway me but all Rare makes anymore is freaking Kinect games so even if they got someone to make it I'd have little to no faith in it after Nuts and Bolts...
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