Wait a minute, Ryse is actually fun.

#11teehee23Posted 11/24/2013 10:48:11 PM
XenoMecha posted...
I had knack and saw the reviews before I played it. It's a ton of fun, simple yet challenging. Reviews are just one persons opinions, I tend to judge a game on its gameplay and style and Ryse looks very fun and the style is right up my alley. Don't let reviews scare you off, always try yourself :)

Looking at most reviewers I wouldn't trust them for directions to cross the street.
The clothes they wear, their haircuts, their lack of hygiene.... why would I want their opinion on anything?

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I don't deserve to be so happy. :)
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For a game all about gruesome executions, it sure repeats executions.
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odogs4 posted...
I've been playing it for the last few hours none stop. It's been fun and I'm really enjoying gladiator mode . The game makes me feel like I'm in spartacus or troy.

I'm shocked none of my friends have tried this game.

What? Wait a minute, you're inside of Spartacus and Troy? This is a sex sim?
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