Xbox One is screwed up, gotta ship to Microsoft I guess.

#1MEBCitadelPosted 11/25/2013 8:58:33 AM
I posted a thread about how whenever I tried to play Dead Rising 3 I was getting weird graphical glitches and artifacts all over the screen.

Someone suggested reinstalling and another guy apparently with my problem chimed in and said it didn't work when he tried to reinstall.

Videos work fine, and I only have DR3 so I don't know if its just that game. But I can confirm DVDs work.

Really makes me mad that I can pay $600 for a system and a game, only to have to turn around and ship it back the next day. I was hoping to game over my break on Thanksgiving, guess that probably won't happen.
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#2Matrix is pooPosted 11/25/2013 9:02:43 AM
You should try testing another game. Could be a defective disk, reinstalling will just reinstall a defective disk if thats the case. Killer Instinct is free to download, give that a go.You can also exchange your dr3 for a new copy.
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