Any luck finding an XB1 in the GTA (Canada)?

#21BigAl519Posted 11/25/2013 3:21:18 PM
lonewolfcub74 posted...
got a day one edition yesterday.

microplay in guelph ontario.... as of this morning theey still had like 10 units in the back room...i wasnt even gonna ask cuz i was hunting all over the place and was about to give up...thought they would laugh at me

my jaw dropped when they said 15 people never showed up for their pre orders.

call em

silvercreek rd in guelph

they arent on the shelf

you gotta ask

youre welcome!

lol I lived in Guelph for years, didn't know that place still existed! With them having an EBgames in the mall AND one out by Wal-mart I would have expected it closed.
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it is if you dont wanna wait another week or two or even three. or to pay the crooks on ebay.

what else are you going to do in that hour?
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So I called Microplay, they only have 2 left. But after a second though, I didn't want to drive so far and then when I get there, it's gone. So I remembered that CanadaComputers sells games, so I checked them out and I was able to snatch the last XB1 at their Mississauga location like 20 mins away! Though it's a standard edition, I don't mind.

I have it here right now, I'm letting it settle a while from the cold before I turn it on. Hopefully I don't get any troubles/issues with it (wish me luck). If so, I'll just give Microsoft a call. Otherwise, I'm glad I was able to get one now, than after the holidays since there are games I just can't wait to play.

So, I've officially joined the XB1 clan, thanks for your help guys!
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you just wanted to say GTA in your topic name didnt you.
whens mahvel?
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popping4it posted...
you just wanted to say GTA in your topic name didnt you.

LOL, I'm sure I confused ALOT of people. Hope no one's looking for an XB1 in Grand Theft Auto. xD