Is there any point for a perfectionist to buy Forza 5?

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Just going to ignore my question, eh? Troll confirmed. I'm out.

You're right about what you said in your explanation, I just didn't respond because you were using a rude tone. I'm not the one calling names.
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get a job TC, stop being poor

Karma 1810

You seem like the one spending his life on GFAQs breh.

Well, I can certainly see how trolls who get banned after a few weeks would see my karma as an unreachable goal, however if you wanted to be a contributing member to a forum for your hobby then you'd realize my karma is not that high, I just don't get banned after a week.

Edit: Forget to add Breh to the end of my post


Stop fibbing, Tricky. You know you purchased all your karma using GF forum microtransactions. ;-)
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I'm curious to how long it would take gameplay wise to unlock everything. If it takes upwards of 5000 hours, surely we can label it as tedious labor/pay to win. if its 500hrs thats a good experience if your a fan.

I put like 3000 on Warhawk for nothing essentially lol but it was good nothing.
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