Snap TV is a bit disappointing

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An all digital future is readily available for PS4. If you wish to download your entire library digitally, you can and its without the anti-consumer bullcrap.
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Its as if the Xbox can't fully handle gaming and snapping the TV. The television part of it was choppy and not the quality Microsoft has led us to believe. Everything is fine in full screen mode but playing Forza 5 while the Blackhawks game was on in the corner was great to do but choppy.

Anyone else seen this? Kind of annoying when you're watching something as fast as hockey.

Not sure what you're talking about....I've watched a couple hockey games in snapped mode while playing games. No framerate issues whatsoever in either the video game or the TV broadcast.

So one person other then me has noticed it And others haven't. Oh well, seems like an odd issue but what can I do? I'll just wait it out.

I experienced the same choppy TV in Snap mode for both hockey and football while playing a game. I tried changing sound from DTS to 7.1 uncompressed, it did not seem to make much of a difference. Maybe something to do with 1080p resolution up-scaling from cable box? I might try to set xbox to 720p next.