I hate having to put discs in to play.

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This sounds like more of a fat & lazy persons problem.

Im getting tired of hearing this, preferring digital and not wanting to change discs constantly does not automatically equal fat and lazy.

It's the comeback of those afraid of a digital future.

Makes sense i hear it mostly from people who have game collections or who say but how will i play my games 10-15 years from now and you dont really own digital games, I like to hold games in my hands

I've seen the discussion before asking "How do you future proof your digital games?". The response that has always made the most sense to me is to play them now. Once I have enjoyed them I no longer need them.

I honestly can only think of one example off the top of my head where there is a game I want to play but can't easily within an hour. And it's a physical game. Armada on the Dreamcast. I no longer have the game nor a working DC.
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"It's so hard!!!! I have to push a BUTTON, and then MANUALLY take the disc out and put it in a case man, and then take another disc out of another case and put it in!!"

considering i can tell the damn thing to turn on from the other side of the room without a controller

This point doesn't resonate with people. The system as a whole requiring physical media goes against the grain of it's design.
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