Any truth to the rumor of the PS4 is outselling the Xbox One 5:1 ?

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Well if both consoles are sold out and roughly pumped out the same number of consoles, then the ps4 is wrecking xb1 in NA, and the xb1 is doing the same worldwide to the ps4
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the ps4 had way more preorders available (about a 3 or 4 to 1 ratio) and sold out. The x1 started at a huge disadvantage and have reports of still being in stock. It may not be 5:1, but it SURE AS HECK isn't 1:1 or even close to 1:1.
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Trolls are getting pissed, they can't STAND the fact the X1 is selling the same as the PS4 right now despite months of nose-to-the-grindstone trolling
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"DRM aside, all of Microsofts moves have been as intended."
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SonyPonyTony posted...
Trolls are getting pissed, they can't STAND the fact the X1 is selling the same as the PS4 right now despite months of nose-to-the-grindstone trolling

Do you think the X1 will outsell the PS4?
Bet your account?
"DRM aside, all of Microsofts moves have been as intended."
- Hentaidoji
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AshleyGreene74 posted...
Styrof0am posted...
AshleyGreene74 posted...

HA. Thanks for giving me a quick little chuckle, just what I needed before I head out on the road this morning.

Let's go to the scoreboard (again).

Sony announced 1 million sales
MS announced 1 milion sales.


This is not guessing, or fiddling around with population numbers and territories, this consoles sold overall by both companies, as I write this. Nothing more, nothing less.

Both consoles have currently, let me reiterate; CURRENTLY, sold pretty much the same amount of consoles (of course I already stated this previously in this thread, but as all the other ADD kids in here, you didn't read that far).

Here's more from previous pages:
I have no doubt, that in 6-9 months time, when all initial demands for consoles have been met, the PS4 will be leading comfortably. I have no idea by how much, but I'm sure they will be in the lead.

If both companies had 100 million conoles to sell, I have no doubt the PS4 would be in the lead right now, but for now they can't sell, what's not in stock, so for now the score is in fact 1:1

I know it's been said a million times, but again, PS4 only launched in North America ( 2 countries ) and the Xbox One released worldwide in a total of 13 countries I believe. They've both have said to of sold at least a million units total. But a big thing you have to remember is that North America has been Microsoft's strongest area by far, and to get absolutely rofl'stomped by Sony is quite sad. Sony released in 2 countries, meaning they sold at least 500k in each US and Canada. Meanwhile Xbox One released in 13 countries, divided by a million means they only sold a measly 77k in each country, including their strongest area of North America.

Again, when the PS4 releases in Europe in a few days, then when it releases in Japan early next year, the ratio of consoles sold won't even be close. I'd say it'll be at least 4:1.

Right now it's not really fair comparing the ratio because like I said before, PS4 is only out in 2 countries, while the Xbone is out worldwide.

Does this poster need a helmet or what? The rest of the world isn't 4x larger than North America. North America sells as many consoles as the rest of the world combined. Sony also didn't stomp MS. They both sold out of consoles. Even in UK, MS sold out. Right now, PS4 isn't even likely going to be able to sell 50% more.
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haha these lil guys are funny.
So... the xbox one has been outsold but then they claim "we will match the 1:1 by xmas"
Somehow MS will make twice as many machines than expected and sell them all by then....
Now mind you these are the same people that praise Michael Pachter and his numbskull predictions
but let's use them for the purpose of this conversation shall we?
as he clearly states the XB1 will make less consoles than the PS4 until March or April then it might even out.
not SELL
big difference!

So it's technically impossible for MS to sell 1:1 with PS4 even if the XB1 was the most sought after console.
(which we know that's not the case)


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Wow all this inside industry analysis in this thread is do informative...

oh wait it's like listening to primates squabble over termites.
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As if I needed more proof lolchartz was a joke. Won't stop the trolls though.
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Orange_Apple posted...
Halo won't "save" the xbox one.

Halo 4 showed that series is definitely not what it used to be and even if they went back to how it was during Halo 2, a lot of the population that made Halo 2 what it was has since moved on to other games or other responsibilites in life amd gaming comes second.

Halo 4 was number 1 on Major Nelson's list until the new cod came out and shortly after that it fell even further.

343 has a long way to go if they wish to see the same phenomenonal success Bungie saw with the first 3 halos.

M$ decision to continue the Halo series after 3/ODST was imo, a huge mistake.

qf tee tee.
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