Which game will be better, Witcher 3 or Final fantasy xv

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Wow, FF is taking it bad.

Like most things Tetsuya Nomura touches these days he completely screws it up and makes one mess of a story.

kind of absolutely stunning fully polished mess right. personally its two very different games one will be a good dark gritty game, and the other will be the absolute end all be all most incredible rich fully fleshed out gorgeous best acted new standard for this generation. i've been wanting and following this realtime combat final fantasy for a long time, i've wanted one longer, know they can do it. skyrim dragon age? great games but didnt fill that void. mass effect? no comparison. borderlands 2? game of the year imo, but whats really filled that? nothing.

13 was the most convoluted comprimise between the few turn based diehards trying to break the genius of 12 and what they thought they had to do for thier first multiplat and when you finally got out of the hallway, it was actually pretty cool. the story and art was stupid good. and i put it in much later and the work they put into the world and its details is just so underappreciated. but i skipped 13-2 cause of how much it didnt fill that final fantasy spot.

buuut 13-3 is finally a final fantasy you can jump around and climb stuff and looks really good. but versus vs witcher ? different leagues, plus its 6-7 yrs vs 2-3 yrs development. i do think witcher 3 looks awesome btw.
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I hate the combat of the witcher games, and the KH games are some of my favorites, so easy choice for me.

FFXV all the way.
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if the combat in W3 will be the same as in W2, FF gets my vote, horrible combat in W2 yuck yuck
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Witcher. FFXV was supposed to be a PS3 game.
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I used to love FF games, but these last few were so incredibly boring. Witcher 2 was fantastic and I look forward to playing W3.
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Le bump.
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Witcher will be a better game

FFXV will be more fun game for me to play.
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Witcher 3.

I skipped the last FF and sequel. Hoping they turn things around with the next one.
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FF HAS to be better than the last two, it has to be, RIGHT?!

I'm replaying witcher 2 atm and I forgot how good it actually is, it has me excited for 3.
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Witcher 3.

Though I am interested in both.
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