Kotaku - Installing games on Xbox One takes way too long (PS4 comparison)

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nonexistinghero posted...
bob15x posted...
duh because ps4 isn't installing the whole game, they already said its just a cache.

anyone that thinks 30 gig can install in 30 secs needs their head checked

True, but even if it's not a full install... fact is that the PS4 gets you playing the game in less than a minute, while it's much longer for the Xbox One. Add to that that the PS4 is more powerful and gets better performance/resolution in games, $100 cheaper and more simple to use... well, it does kinda make the XO seem almost redundant in comparison.

That post is just sad
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Ramsus082 posted...
Ok, its been over a month now since we've been talking about this. Has Microsoft addressed this problem with their OS being so much slower than Sony's? This is a pretty lame offering from such a respected software company.

MS has been screwing up a lot lately. Software is supposed to be their forte... but then they make Windows 8! I'll never get it. Old saying MS- "If it ain't broke DON'T fix it". Win 7 is the best yet, and better than Vista. then they go backward again with Win 8.
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This doesn't bother me one bit. I don't have a ps4 or an xbone. but the install times for the ps3 were quite long as well (if you wanted install the game). Either way, I'm tempted to get an xbone becaesu that's the only thing available at the walmart. it seems that the people in the northwest of BC that wanted the XBOne already got one and the rest of the people are still waiting on the PS4s.
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I"m installing Forza right now and I"m at 95%. Almost took 1hr of my time. lol. Dead Rising 3 only took me 20-25minutes. My PS4 games doesn't take this much time to install and play the game. lol
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1 hour? man.
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somebody actually bought and used nba live 14? that's the main takeway from the OP
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This is a disaster.
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So, does anyone know why it takes that long ?
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<60 second installs FTW.
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One way to make a PS4 DL/Install slow is digital only... Im not sure if it is just Ghosts but man that game seemed to be really slow
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