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User Info: motorheadache

3 years ago#1
I've just placed an order for an xbox one with FIFA, but due to christmas and other commitments I can only really afford one game right now and am unsure what to go for.

I'll list the game's I like the sound of with a brief opinion but would love feedback from others who have played them.

Marvel Lego: I love the marvel universe but have never really played any lego games properly. I'm slightly worried that it might be a little kiddie as I'm 28, however i would enjoy the storys (if it follows some of the comics). I could also play this in co-op with my girlfriend.

AC4: Having loved AC2 and (to a lesser extent) brotherhood I felt the series lost its way with revelations so did not play 3 for a long time. I have recently loaned 3 off a friend, am playing it and really enjoying it. I've heard that 4 really lives up to expectations, my main worry here is that I'm just playing 3 now and might get burned out on AC if I jump straight from one to the other.

Forza: I am a casual racing game fan, but have played this game a month or two ago at an XBOX One stall and it looked amazing. I also have friends with this game already so it would be fun to race with them.

Ryse: Looks great and I am a big fantasy fan (I know this game is not fantasy but based on romans, however the game setting is similar to that of fantasy games). I hear that despite this game looking amazing and very cinematic it gets a little repetitive. Also, is there any customization/loot?

Ghosts: Again,l FPS games are a genre that I only casually play, because of this I fall way short of the average in my ability to kill. I feel that I'd get some enjoyment out of this, but with titanfall a few months away I'd probably be better off waiting for that.

Dead Rising: Played the first DR to death, barley touched the second one. Feel like itwill be super fun but not exactly a solid game, again this is based on the first DR.

Feedback appreciated.

User Info: Jedi454

3 years ago#2
Go with AC4 or DR3. Go for Ghosts if you want a mediocre FPS experience.
GT: DyingRoman

User Info: CuteBlueBabyBea

3 years ago#3
AC4 and DR3 are the only ones worth getting. the rest are garbage.

User Info: shads3055

3 years ago#4
Ryes forza dead rising killer instinct. Don't get multi platform games

User Info: Sexy_L4DY

3 years ago#5
shads3055 posted...
Ryes forza dead rising killer instinct. Don't get multi platform games


User Info: motorheadache

3 years ago#6
Why not, that makes no sense at all if they're good games
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