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Sunset Overdrive Launch Trailer
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AttackOnTitan2210/22 4:38AM
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RBI Baseball 14 on sale for $4.99
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liquidblue41510/22 4:29AM
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Xbox One, PS4 / Scalebound Or BloodBorne--OPINION
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Cable QuestionGC_Destiny810/22 3:52AM
I'm a PS4 gamer that can buy an Xbox One w/ Kinect for $400
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Not_Vork1210/22 3:19AM
what it looked like all across the country last Christmas shopping seasoleelee3105210/22 2:43AM
So is it a bad thing when a kinect game out scores your biggest racer this year?
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RuinerEraser5210/22 2:19AM
With the next gears game...teeebz1010/22 2:18AM
if you like wall running and zipline then Xbox One is for you.Cows Go Hisssss810/22 2:11AM
Now that Kinect is optional rather than mandatory (Poll)
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Saxon2510/22 2:11AM
So the Legend of Korra is trash.
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Shadows of Mordor or Evil within?
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Do I need my Xbox Live profile on the Xbox to play digital games I purchased?TheCanucks310/22 12:57AM
Anyone know if Shadow Warrior will release on demand tonight?
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Rome2183010/22 12:50AM
Locked 45 fps?killerbasa610/22 12:25AM
No audio messages to friends? and a few other things...rpa1470210/22 12:08AM
does Shadow Warrior have online deathmatch type modes?reptileegg410/21 11:44PM
Fantasia: Music Evolved will be the best Xbox One exclusive this year
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carljenk1810/21 11:32PM