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Call of Duty Ghosts vs Advanced Warfare
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Getting bashed cause I like hardline.
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Can you feel it? Can you? It's coming... That's right, on March 24th it's here..
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If I get rep on my xbx1 will my rep go up on my xbox 360??
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Reverseisback133/29 6:50PM
Magnetic: Cage Closed To Run At 720p/60fps On PS4/Xbox One, Devs Not Fans of...quincy2000a93/29 6:47PM
How is Ori & the Blind Forest?
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for the next battlefield that is military based I think rush mode should beHidan62323/29 5:51PM
Can anyone recommend a good way to clean dust off an Xbone?
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TheGam3925383/29 5:33PM