PS4 already feels like it's hit the "Slim model", but Xbox One....

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AdamWest78 posted...
I would say that Microsoft was smart by making their console as big as they did in the sense that they will easily be able to make a slim model.

Really? You think it was smart that they purposely made it bigger so they could con us and make a smaller one without decreasing the components etc.

This sort of gamer is why MS get away/try to get away with all the crap they pull.
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skydrive13 posted...
PS4 "slim mode" = too hot = Red Blinking of the DEAD

lol xbro, just embrace the fact microsoft just doesn't build as reliable as sony, stop trying to act like 54% never happened. Hate it, tell MS you hate unreliable stuff, tell them that you hate sony fans rubbing it in because MS allowed it to be the norm. etc.

Maybe they will try harder next time. Refusing to act like the disc drive isnt an issue, is unacceptable. Go digital its your choice, go xbone its your choice, but dont let them get away with absurds amounts of BS.

When you show its ok to be half assed, then other companys (sony...) get the impression we will all accept crap.

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Microsoft is a software company and should hire other companies to create hardware for them.
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troyboy81 posted...
that is a good way to erase your hard drive right there.

um, hard drives contain powerful magnets inside them that are as strong as the ones in any amplifier....
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It looked big as hell in videos but when I saw it at my brother in law house in person for first time it looked like a nice normal size.