DSP Quits Killer Instinct

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mietha posted...
Would someone please explain to me why anyone cares what some random moron is doing on youtube? This is one part of modern society that I am never going to understand.

Kids these days. I have no idea.

I never even heard of this idiot till now. WHO again?

TheCyborgNinja posted...
Deorge St. Pierre?

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Why is everyone who has never heard of him calling him an idiot. If you don't know him that's fine no need to slander someone because of a YouTube video. The guy has managed a way to live off of playing video games. I wish I was so lucky. He obviously can't be as stupid as some of you think.
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Pewdiepie makes money off youtube and is one of the most annoying ****s in the world. so no.
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I've heard of him but I was never big in the FGC, I just play for fun.

Curious, was he a SF player? Killer Instinct gives me the King of Fighters feel, I love offense based fighters and rush down style.
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