Sales DON'T F****ING MATTER, God

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3 years ago#11
TJ_UNLIMITED posted...
Bikes- posted...
Larger install base= leading platform of development (aka the less buggy version usually), larger multiplayer base for most games, and larger interest by publishers to make games. Sure if it's close it doesn't really matter a huge amount, but ignoring them completely is stupid.

Pretty much.

He'll start caring when he sees commercials about a game he wants releasing DLC for the ps4 first.

By the way, I had no idea what the sales figures were but I now know the Xbox it outsold, solely based on his reaction. His friend said it, so why is he telling us he doesn't give a **** instead of just telling his friend?

DLC is usually a contract thing. The only real exception is PC vs consoles sometimes since that doesn't need to be approved by anyone so devs can ship it out quicker if they want (Valve does this with L4d2 stuff for example)
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3 years ago#12
No smoke, no fire.

Try to remember. Did you mock him for supporting Sony at any point?
There is a board for RPG, you know:
3 years ago#13
Gojak_v3 posted...
Why do I get the feeling you would have given a f*** if the xbone was number one and the ps4 numbers two. I find it really convenient that all you xboners suddenly don't give a f*** about sales.

Why do I get the feeling people see your sig and immediately don't care about what you say? Clean yourself up man.
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3 years ago#14
Thats not what everyone has been saying abiut the wiiu and how its sales make it a failure.
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3 years ago#15
Jeez, the guy just posted a comment, and instantly he gets attacked by sony ponies.

Why are you ON THIS BOARD talking about PS4? Go away and get a life.
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3 years ago#16
ChevelIe posted...
My stupid idiot of a friend is texting me "PS4 is out in Europe now when it's NA sales are even higher than Xbox One's worldwide sales" and I texted him back "WHO GIVES A F*** WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO ME MAN?"


God I just want to be left alone and use my Xbox One in peace

I just want to be left alone!

*creates topic that facilitates the opposite*
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3 years ago#17
Well to the company that made the product sales do matter.
3 years ago#18
BeefEaster posted...
they sure did matter to fanboys last gen when the 360 was outselling the ps3

Keyword FANBOYS.

AKA as children

Enjoy your games people and forget the stupid labels
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3 years ago#19
TC is so Emo.
The cloud is angry and demands a sacrifice.
3 years ago#20
Tell that to 360 fanboys 7 years ago...
A gamer chooses, a fanboy obeys.
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