Graphical Comparison Between Xbox 360, Xbox One, and PS4.

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I'm still amazed at how far we've come in video games 3 decades ago. Wow.

Take it to 3 and a half decades and it gets completely insane. These are the specs for video output for the 2600, which came out 36 years ago and was manufactured until 1991 (?!?):

Output: Line-by-line (Registers must be updated each scanline)
Resolution: 160x192 pixels (NTSC 60Hz), 160x228 pixels (PAL 50Hz)
Playfield: 40 dots horizontal resolution (rows of 4 pixels per dot)
Colors: 4 colors at once (one color per object)
Palette: 128 colors (NTSC), 104 colors (PAL), 8 colors (SECAM)
Sprites: 2 sprites of 8pix width, 3 sprites of 1pix width

Haha. That's awesome! Thanks for compiling this for us.
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Forza looks almost identical to the 360 Forza.

This. Wow what were they thinking?