Why were systems made better 10-15-20 years ago?

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can't use the same soder that old systems used either. The new soder doesn't handle heat as well.
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can't use the same soder that old systems used either. The new soder doesn't handle heat as well.

Good point, Al Gore and stupid lead free solder.
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Both wrong. Internet wasn't as prevalent. Wide spread troll reports or wide spread actual malfunctions are on the internet for the world to see instantly.

Plenty of people still had dodgy SNES, 64s, Saturns etc.

I had my N64 stop working out of nowhere after about a year of owning it. PS2 stopped reading any disc's. That's actually the turn of events that brought me to by an Xbox with Halo 2. Never had an issue with that. I've owned several 360's with only 1 RROD which was a launch model. Wrapped in towel and immediately traded in to Gamestop for the Halo LE console. Then got the MW3 console and traded the Halo one toward my now Xbox One.

I remember the dreaded PS2 quits reading the blue discs...then just goes kaput all together lol...nevar forgat

I know that feel, man. 2 launch PS2s (me and my now wife) and one later system, and every one of em DRE'd on me. The second one had a Sony service rep actually tell me I should stop mistreating my system when I tried to get them to do something about it. Yet the only thing people ever remember is the RROD, which MS went miles farther than Sony ever did to fix.
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Older systems were less complicated thus easier to manufacturer, the more advanced something becomes the, more problems it faces.
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