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#1Mr-MynorPosted 11/29/2013 11:53:49 PM
So i'm curious, because i havent committed to buying either system yet, have they managed to fox the voice recognition software on the xbox to eliminate the problem of sound from the television being interpreted as voice commands?

When they held the unveiling event, I streamed it on my 360. I had already had some issues with the kinect pausing because it interpreting dialogue from Netflix as voice commands. For me personally, and i would be interested to see if anyone had a similar experience, the launch event is what convinced me to switch back to sony this generation. I have backed off from that position as they have stepped back from a lot of the new features they initially were going to push, but therewas one issue in particular that really pissed me off: i was never a fan of kinect to begin with, but everytime the guy on stage said "xbox one" (which was said every other sentence), the kinect would hear it as "xbox rewind." It turned an hourlong streaming event into a 90 minute event just from the extra time getting past this issue. It was utterly maddening. So my question is, now that they have doubled down on the kinect, have they managed to fix the voice commands so it doesnt screw up so much?
#2leelee3105Posted 11/30/2013 12:06:10 AM
This was never a problem with either version of Kinect. Unless you were to lazy to run the setup that is
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I like to spell it with 1 o. It's edgy. You know, like spelling combat with a k
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If you're interested in what Kinect does, you either buy this console or don't have those features you're interested in at all. I have no plans to use my Kinect beyond signing me in and redeeming codes, but from what I understand it does need work. At least this time they have the internal hardware power in the thing to make it amazing as time goes on. It's a lot less half-baked.
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