So the Xbone will apparently buy things for you even when you don't want it to

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More trolling, more ignoring.

How is this trolling?
This could affect quite a few people, making it known this could happen can actually avoid Microsoft a lot of bad press, which we all know it really doesn't need.

SoulTrapper, you're failing to keep up with the times. Do you play FPSs? *waits for a response* Well, in the FPS genre the word "camping" means someone who stands stationary waiting for an unsuspecting enemy to run by and then defeating them. That word, camping, has now evolved to mean ANYONE who has killed you. I've been called a camper coming out of a full sprint. And at my buddy's house the other night his wife burned the chicken and he proceeded to call her a "camper."

In that same respect, the word "trolling" has come to mean: The act of speaking or writing about Microsoft's Xbox One in a negative or less than perfect manor.

I hope this helps.

That does explain it, thanks for the informative answer.
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More trolling, more ignoring.

Careful you don't rupture your eardrums.
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Sadly from my own experience, I can believe it.
I had my 360 disconnected for almost a year, and never signed up for a gold account.
Out of the ******* blue, they bill my account for a year of Live. When I called customer support not only did they have no clue why it happened, they outright refused to cancel Live and refund my money.
I had to protest it through my bank. I'm getting pissed just remembering the whole fiasco.
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