Witcher dev: No major power difference, Xbox will get more powerful over time

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the "witcher people" haven't even given an official release date. they can optimize all they want before the game is released. why would they have to do it after? aside from the usual title updates?

because you are falling for lolPR speak

they blatantly said they will not take advantage of the superior PS4 memory speeds because it has to function on everything.

on what is it coming out? PS4, Xbone, and PC. which of those doesn't have GDDR5? yeahhh....
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This topic pretty much has everyone raging on the ps4 board.

The problem is what he says goes against what the majority of other developers say so its difficult to say who is actually telling the truth.

It also seems like a very one sided comparison, which is odd for a multiplatform developer.

The Witcher devs were kings to Sony buyers, until this, now they dont know anything right?

I think the proof is in the games. Ryse looks better than anything on the PS4. Fifa 14 looks better. BF4 looks better even at lower res.

Theres something going on with the PS4 software. It adds blur or a fog to every game. Really hurts the image quality.

Where are you getting that info? Most places I have seen say everything on the ps4 looks better then the Xbox one versions. And yes ryse may look amazing possibly the best we have seen this gen.but that's from a company who prides themselves on their engine and graphics capabilities. They did things with crysis 3 I didn't even think would have been possible on last gen hardware. And what about dead rising? That game doesn't really look any better then the other dead rising games. Maybe slightly but not enough for it to be considered next gen.