Is killer instinct Ultra edition worth it? Or crimson dragon?

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Agreed I was only able to beat him with jago cant figure out how to do combos with other people

I beat him with Sabrewulf. Glacius has an exploit where you can stand still and just hammer away at light punch while standing still.

Is sabrewulf as easy to combo with as he is in The new one

Not really. They aren't that hard to pull off, but I mainly used his crouched heavy kick and punch since they have a longer reach. The help menu is your friend in this game.
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Man talk about taking over a guy's topic. He said he's not big on the original game and that's all you guys go on to talk about, lmao.

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I want the ultra edition for the extra costumes and accessories but not sure if those are worth the twenty extra bucks. The original KI looks not worth it to me cause I had my fun back in the day and I've never been the type to replay older generation games (nothing wrong old games). I feel like it's an impulse buy though. Can you buy the costumes and accessories separate? Is PP easy to get? Will they be a way to upgrade later if I want?

Is crimson dragon worth it for twenty bucks?

It's hard to say if it's worth it. I got the ultra and part of me regrets getting it. I have played my original version once and that's it. I had just rather play the new one instead. Like you I mainly wanted it for the accessories and costumes.

While it wasn't as many as I was hopping for, to me it was still worth it. I like changing my characters looks so having stuff right off the bat was nice. The best thing to do is go into the free version of the game, go to customize then look at the last row of accessories on each character and see if they're ones you like or not.
The rest you unlock through different feats in the game and then with the points which I have forgot what they're called.

The costumes I don't think have been announced if they'll be available to purchase later. I wouldn't be surprised either way they go with that. I could see DH releasing the costumes separate for people to buy, but it also wouldn't surprise me if they left it an Ultra exclusive only to get people to buy that instead.

Which is the problem. Right now there is no option to upgrade from Combo to Ultra for a cheaper price. If you spend $20 on Combo now the. Decide you want the Ultra items you'd still have to pay the $40 for it. So it's up to you, if you have no interest in the original game, do you really think the accessories and costumes are worth the extra $20.

The costumes are not out yet, by the way, but will be "soon".

Crimson Dragon I have no experience with but it got crappy reviews. Your best bet would be to go to their forums and ask people there and also go to the Xbox One Store and watch player videos of it (that's such an awesome feature).
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Man talk about taking over a guy's topic. He said he's not big on the original game and that's all you guys go on to talk about, lmao
Not gonna lie, I had a couple to drink so I lost track of the topic. Sorry.

Anyways, it all comes to preference. I'd say Crimson Dragon is a lot like Star Fox if you have ever played that. I think it's a pretty fun game, but I'm big on nostalgia so take that into consideration. Same thing with Killer Instinct. Although I'd say the remake is more like the recent Mortal Kombat than anything. It's got that same feel to me, but with more Mortal Kombat style to it, If you really aren't a big fan of the original, I'd stick with the Combo Breaker edition.
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