Little white light on kinect unit

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3 years ago#1
Hi all

I've noticed when I play dr3 a little white light on the left side of the kinect bar next to the camera lights up. Is this normal I've not seem it while playing other games.

Can anyone tell me what this light indicates is it working as normal or is there a problem

3 years ago#2
It means the government is actively watching you.
Joshi Spirit
3 years ago#3
that's just the NSA livestream
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3 years ago#4
Anyone have a serious reply
3 years ago#5
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Joshi Spirit
3 years ago#6
vipernoonan posted...
Anyone have a serious reply

It means the camera is on. I believe its utilized to trace your motions to throw zombies away from yourself by just moving the controller.
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3 years ago#7
DR3 uses the Kinect quite a bit. Motion/voice is actively monitored. You can navigate the entire menu of DR3 via voice as well.

The light means the Kinect is actively listening/watching.
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3 years ago#8
thanks for the info on the little white light
3 years ago#9
vipernoonan posted...
Anyone have a serious reply

The light actually means that the game you are using is actively using one of the Kinect vision streams (either color, depth, IR, or a combination).

For privacy reasons, Microsoft made it so the camera actively tells you whether any of these streams are open by a title so that the user is aware that the Kinect is actually "watching" while that light is on.

Not that DR3 does anything with the data-- but if you get nervous about the camera, the light is at least an indicator you should put on some pants.
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