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PSA: The KI Complete Edition is on sale this week
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Why the !@#$ is Cortana Integration on Windows 10, Windows phones, but NOT XB1
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Battlefield Premium worth getting?
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Sunset Overdrive or Dragon Age Inquisition for GOTY (Poll)bubbub011012/17 3:21AM
Picked up Peggle 2 on sale, so addicting :)
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Microsoft's Secret Game-Streaming Service Moving Forward - Report
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kereke123012/17 2:47AM
Now that heists have been announced (Closed)Maximus_Aisha312/17 2:07AM
Most Overrated Round 1: Forza VS Gears of War (Poll)
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ben10pokemon792912/17 1:51AM
Adding Credit Card to Xbox Account lock it in?sniper33612/17 12:51AM
Sould I buy Thief for 13$?
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GunningSoul1812/17 12:21AM
What is your personal favorite game of this year?
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Swickman812512/16 11:08PM
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Is there a certain day of the week songs are added to the dance central store?NoNeedF0RaName112/16 9:37PM
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