Xbox Dominates Black Friday Sales

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At my Walmart there were 45 Xbox Ones and 20 PS4s. I got my Xbox at 6 pm but waited around until 8pm to help my dad get a TV. By 8pm they still had maybe 10 or 15 Xbox Ones but there were no more PS4s.

So in 2 hours they sold 30 xbox ones and 20 ps4's?

Not to mention the xbone outsold it 15: nothing the next morning. Insane!

At the BestBuy midnight launch for X1 there was at least 100 people lined up, one line for non pre orders, other line for pre orders only. They attended and sold one to everyone in that line in less than an hour, not to mention the mob that came in while BestBuy was open during the launch to pick up any left over Xbox Ones. So yeah I believe it that both consoles were capable of selling double digits in matter of hours in whichever store.
Xbox One and PlayStation 4
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and you wonder why they rub it on your face when ps4 has more sales in just one country.
from what I've read ps4 has doubled their sales, and its still sold out at stores when i try to purchase one.
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