Just curious, where are the sales reports?

#11TMOGPosted 12/3/2013 4:58:47 AM
juzzieb posted...
Sony paid MS off not to show them. Apparently Ryse sold more than the PS4 console thanks to Black Friday. Insider information says that Sony will make free bluray disc drives to fix MS disc tray issue if they continue to hide actual sales figures.

This is the perfect marketing scheme as many xbox fans have converted over to PS4 now thanks to thinking XBone sucks because of it's low sales.

All in all... expect over 10 million PS4's sold by next week. but atm it's 5 millionish xbox sales to 2 million PS4 sales.

Not sure if trolling or delusional
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Keven_Koopa posted...
Yes it is. They are sold out everywhere. The 360 is stuck on the shelves.

I didn't even see that one coming.
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