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Do you like the Kinect? And what is your fitness level? (Poll)
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ZeroRaider191/28 12:34AM
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New York Times Bestseller, Matt Forbeck, Unveiled as New Halo Novelistdani12a31/28 12:29AM
Should I do a tutorial on the Xbox One OS and post vids here?
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ElPedoSucio121/28 12:28AM
Best way to mount kinect on top of TV?puffnbillys42091/28 12:28AM
The Xbox Digital TV tuner will be available in Australia
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Pizzatarian151/28 12:26AM
If you like epic video game music or new age classicalA_Brown_Man_Can31/28 12:26AM
NHL ea vault questionPlayboyCG81/28 12:25AM
Dying lightJoshLuck9541/28 12:25AM
Phil Spencer's real view on DX12 "Won't make a dramatic difference"
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lilj812221/28 12:24AM
For anyone interested heres a Dying Light streamlato990521/28 12:23AM
Puyo Puyo Tetris Kinect launchthepenguin5531/28 12:19AM
Is gaming your most expensive hobby?
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AWarAmp841961/28 12:03AM
My Xbox One I won from Fuel Up For Battle arrived!Net Shark71/27 11:46PM
Dying Light first impressions thread: Feel free to leave any info!
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cheezedadada511/27 11:12PM
I Switched From the PS4 to the One
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Eleckzar561/27 10:48PM
Can someone invite me to the preview program?
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LuigiGun261/27 10:44PM
According to Metacritic, Minecraft is Xbox One's best game
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PlataOPlomo161/27 10:40PM