First Casualty of the Console Wars: Microsoft Closes Studio

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No comments as to Sony selling off a combined $2.3 BILLION dollars worth of real estate this year? How are they still in business guys? What is this blasphemy?

Would love to get some feedback.

They launched the fastest selling console of all time. They will overcome the year head start by Nintendo within their first year. Sony is alright. That is especially true with an Amazing Spider-Man, Venom, Sinister Six films on tap.

Any "problems" came mostly from their movie division (White House Down and other bombs). They will rectify that next year.
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bad karma for ignoring their fans for so long :P
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Thing I took from this was 15 exclusives.

What are they?
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CKnight posted...
Thing I took from this was 15 exclusives.

What are they?

Kinect <Insert Something Here>
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Bummer that we have so many 'anti-gamers' hoping and getting excited by layoffs in the gaming industry.

that's what i was saying but hey its ms so all the haters are happy about it and its ok to hate

Knee-Jerk reactions to someone posting a news story is a bit immature.

Some of the back and forth in this and a few other threads got me thinking. Imagine this:

Someone is standing on the side of the road, waiting for the bus. Suddenly, two cars crash into each other in the intersection. The guy by the bus stop doesn't know or care who is at fault, he pulls out his phone and calls 911 to report the accident.

If some of the people on this board worked as the 911 dispatcher, I imagine the phone call would go something like this:

Caller: An accident just happened at the intersection of A and B streets. Looks like a Toyota 4Runner and a Ford Mustang!
911: Do you have something against American made cars?
Caller: What?!
911: You were implying that the Ford driver was at fault. Clearly it must be that scum non-patriot in his foreign piece of crap who caused this.
Caller: It doesn't matter who was at fault and I don't know anyway! Just send the police and an ambulance! I'm just reporting an accident!
911: You secretly hate all Americans don't you? I bet your parents were Commies. I bet you are an undercover spy from Russia, aren't you?
Caller: I'm just trying to get some help here!
911: You probably hate Capitalism don't you? And you probably hate American companies like Microsoft cause they were created in someone's garage, don't you? You probably even hate garages! You make me sick! I'm ignoring you!


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