Do you guys think the XBOX ONE is a better overall system than the XBOX 360?

#1SolnotPosted 12/7/2013 6:56:19 PM
Do you guys think the XBOX ONE is a better overall system than the XBOX 360? - Results (74 votes)
Yeah dude, XBOX ONE is way better than XBOX 360!
28.38% (21 votes)
Nah dude, XBOX 360 is way better than XBOX ONE!
71.62% (53 votes)
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I want to hear your guys' honest opinions on this.
#2AkuryuPosted 12/7/2013 7:05:20 PM
Obviously it isn't fair to compare the game libraries because 360 has been out the better part of a decade.

-Prefer the 360 controller to the new one.
-Prefer the old guide button, friendlist, party chat, notifications, etc.
-Prefer memory management and options of the 360.
-The 360 boots up faster and navigates more quickly (whats up with install times on Xbox One?)
#3DesperateMonkeyPosted 12/7/2013 7:09:16 PM(edited)
Lets see, Xbox 360 launched in 2005 for $300 and had a $600 GPU in it. Xbox One launches in 2013 at $500 with a $80 GPU in it. Not saying the PS4 is much better since its got a $100 GPU in it. But I guess at this point, console gamers will have to take whatever scraps they can get...

Oh and please lets not talk about the CPU... Xbox 360 had a ridiculously powerful tri core power PC CPU setup (not that ridiculous but ridiculous for a $300 console). Both new consoles now use CPUs that are so terrible, you can't even build a desktop with something that bad even if you wanted to.
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#4jpraelsterPosted 12/7/2013 7:09:11 PM
as of now no but it very well could be
#5Spanish_Fly1Posted 12/7/2013 7:10:14 PM
Too early to compare. A couple of patches to xbox one, and a few years of games and then I think you can make a more accurate assessment.

With that being said, I still prefer my xbox 1.
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#6Cosmic_DiabeticPosted 12/7/2013 7:13:14 PM
WAaaaaaay to early to tell
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#7DisgaeaNutPosted 12/7/2013 7:15:55 PM
At the moment I can't think of one thing that the Xbox One has over the Xbox 360 for me personally.

It came in last in the sales department but I enjoyed it the most of all systems last generation and I still have the most games for it. It had a great setup and great features and all around was great including the controller.

The Xbox One so far has a lot to do to win me over including but not limited to, ditching Kinect.