anyone know when hbo go is coming to xbone?

#1IllegalCheeserPosted 12/9/2013 6:27:03 PM
Obama/Biden 08
#2ThatLaoGuyPosted 12/9/2013 6:27:31 PM
Xbone fanboys are weird little irrational creatures. It's fun making them contradict themselves.
#3bessy67Posted 12/9/2013 6:30:15 PM
Between launch and Spring 2014

Today, we’re announcing the very first wave of some of the world’s biggest names in entertainment rolling out on Xbox One in the 13 launch markets between Nov. 22 at launch and spring 2014:
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#4GabrielVanPosted 12/10/2013 9:41:41 AM
I've heard rumors of it being sometime before the end of December.. Hopefully that's true, it's my #1 most wanted app.