Another resolution question

#11Mr BumpPosted 12/10/2013 1:00:32 AM
exe67 posted...
Nothing personal against you TC, but it really bothers me that this is even an issue. Sure, some games are in native-720/900p, but every game is upscaled through the console to 1080p.
So to answer your question, every game you play on your Xbone, you're SEEING it in 1080p; it's the behind the scenes stuff that people fight over. That said, there are plenty of games that are native 1080p.

And to ask whether or not the system is capable of 1080p at all... PS3 and 360 could display in 1080p, so it blows my mind that people think a newer, more powerful console can't...

Er wat x 1000? The f***ing 360 could do that. Resolution is always about rendered resolution, not upscaled. It is lame that the One struggles with 1080p, but troll topics like this are just as annoying.
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