dashboard crashes...

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Exodus_Prime posted...
You might have to do a cold reset TC.

Also....*Raises Infinity Gauntlet* Thanos reigns!

Thanks Guys.. Hard Reset it Was!!!

Nice quote by the way. Fav Bad Guy Ever
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While this 'wake up' is great but it seems to cause a lot of crashes, I also had a lot of crashing in Ryse & BF4 not so much on Assassin Creed.

I turned the feature off and I have not had any crashing well apart from the obvious BF4.

Let's be honest there is way to much stuff that needs fixing in the OS but again that's what you get for being an early adopter.
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#13MRL3G3NDPosted 12/10/2013 11:02:26 AM
Crash to Dash:

NBA2k14 once every 2 games...this is totally random...just blanks back to the dash...completely have to reboot the game

FORZA 5 None...I have had some issues with multiplayer not sending invites, and just being unresponsive when menu items are selected.

BF4- seems like every 2 games it crashes to the dash...frustrating, hard to rank up. I notice it crashes in very intense situations, which points to a memory issue.

DR3- No issues so far

I think developers have a issue with memory leaks. The so called fix suggests that since the system stays in sleep mode, and never really turns off...it never dumps the memory. They suggested you turn off the box for 30 seconds... and it should reset

the fix is logical but does not work.
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